Honor 8X Max vs Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Camera Comparison

Welcome to the ultimate camera test of the 7” monsters. Which one has a better camera – Xiaomi Mi Max 3 or Honor 8X Max? Let’s find out!

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Mi Max 3 videos:

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Honor 8X Max videos:

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37 Replies to “Honor 8X Max vs Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Camera Comparison”

  1. Xuan H

    The Honor 8x Max Camera is good for ne because my last phone was 4 years old xd

    And i don‘t even take pictures because i am always too lazy to take my phone out of my bag and my friends always take pictures of me?

  2. Stephone Cloud

    So 8x max is better i guess..more detail.. But does it support fast charging?? Coz some review said it has not..and yesterday someone who bought it said it has fast charging…

  3. Michael Neild

    Hey, Volokin, your's are some of the most unique videos out there!!! Just keep putting these videos out, and people will eventually see the great effort that you are expending to bring these excellent videos to the public. I think that your analysis of the cameras on these devices is outstanding!!! Keep up your excellent productions and the subscribers will come!!! Your style is quite unique, don't even think of changing it!!! Have a great day from a truly appreciative subscriber!!!

  4. Ali Hejazi

    Great job man, you're doing great, don't give up yet, you'll be a big reviewer soon
    I guess the mi max won this round for sure, N.B. Open camera stabilization doesn't work with Huawei phones, so it's a double win for xiaomi

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