Honor 8X Review

Last year’s Honor 7X was an impressive outing combining trendy features with a competitive $200 price tag. Its successor, the Honor 8X, seeks out the natural progression of being better, stronger, and faster – while remaining faithful to its roots with its aggressive price point.

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26 Replies to “Honor 8X Review”

  1. archnof0

    I've been following all the reviews of this product because at first glance it appears to be a good upgrade from my lg g5. But buyers' reviews have said that global version us barely if at all supported by US GSM carriers like T-MOBILE

  2. Chuan Loon

    There's an advice for nonremovable battery, charge your phone when it's in 15 – 35%, dont often use the phone till the phone battery drain to 0%, it makes your phone battery getting weaker…

  3. Mohsin Saeed

    I am using this phone and it can fully charge in max 2 hours to 2 hour 10 mints.
    And it has the dedicated night mood which can produce some stunning indor shots if used correctly.
    Even I liked it's indoor performance with night mood more then it's out door performance

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