Honor 8X Review | Best budget phone of 2018?

Review of the brilliant Honor 8X, possibly the best looking budget smartphone in 2018, with iPhone XS Max-style design. I’ve been using the Honor 8X as my full-time mobile for over a week and here’s my full thoughts on the camera tech, EMUI 8 software, battery life, performance and everything else.

Here in the UK we’re expecting the Honor 8X to cost between £200 and £250 – a great price for a solid budget phone. As well as iPhone XS Max looks, you get a crisp 6.5-inch Full HD+ display, strong features including face recognition and impressive battery life. The Honor 8X’s dual-lens camera also boasts strong smarts, such as a brilliant night mode.

Right now, it’s looking like the Honor 8X could lay claim to best budget mobile of 2018. Of course, if you’re after a bit more grunt there’s always the Honor Play, which also supports GPU Turbo and boosts the power levels with a Kirin 970 chipset.

Let us know what you think below and check out our full Honor 8X camera review and unboxing for more on this great affordable handset.

40 Replies to “Honor 8X Review | Best budget phone of 2018?”

  1. Bob

    Defo getting this for my daughter instead of a another iPhone, I own a 7x and it's still going strong after more than a year. Can you recommend a screen protector for the 8x?,nice to see someone from the North East on here too.

  2. Peter K

    Dont know if you could answer this question for me. I've heard the 4G bandwidth on certain networks (3 for one ) is compatible with this phone. Any truth to this..? Thanks.

  3. Jay Lawton

    I'm not really good with tech but I'm at the mo I have a Samsung galaxy s7 but like the look of the 8x. Would you say this would be an upgrade or downgrade? Thanks

  4. David Smith

    Have you tried an imported 8x from china ? reason i ask is i really fancy the 128GB version but not sure if it would work ok over in the UK with 4G. Shows 4G as 850MHz but i'm sure we use 800MHz here. would be a shame as they are less than £190.00. Thx for any reply's lady's and gents 🙂

  5. Mr Egusi

    I bought this phone today for 230 GBP.
    This has to be the bargain of the year.
    The camera is 6/10, speed 8.5/10, Design 10/10

    It has FM radio, NFC, headphone jack, that Massive 6.5 inch screen AND dual sim with separate micro SD card slot.

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