Honor 8x Review: Style Meets Substance

Full review: | The Honor 8x looks to improve upon the company’s historically successful recipe – but how does the Honor 8x stack up in an increasingly competitive mid-range market?

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46 Replies to “Honor 8x Review: Style Meets Substance”

  1. Philip West

    What is so bad about Micro USB? USB C is not faster to charge, faster with data transfer unless the underlying USB controller is faster and that is not guaranteed.

  2. Daniel Ulang

    This is the best phone there is can handle dolphin on 15-30 fps which is good for your budget and doesn't overheat that much also can hide the notch then what you say hire the maker of budget phones on Samsung so that they can quit $10000 phones

  3. archnof0

    Review very nicely done. My only comment is that EMUI sorta ruins launchers. Yes you can use a launcher but EMUI keeps overriding the launcher forcing you to relaunch it.

  4. pjamese3

    I'd rather spend $200 on this phone than spend around $1.000 on a flagship iPhone or Samsung (for not that much better performance. The only negatives for the Honor 8x are that is doesn't have a USB-C (and that's just a lack of something extra), it only has one speaker and the 8x battery doesn't last as long as the 6x. I would have accepted a phone that was 3-5mm thicker and lasted 3 days of heavy use.

    Of course, we don't know how its call performance is because nobody reviews a phone's performance as a PHONE anymore.

  5. mightycritic

    I went to buy this phone yesterday, but upon checking the phone myself, I was actually put off! The sounds were low with no depth, even on earphones. The notification light was virtually non existent, even if you look thru a magnifying glass! Apart from those, the phone looked really beautiful and the display quality excellent. But personally I need a good audio output and a visible notification light. So I ended up not buying this phone that I was crazy about for some time. ?

  6. pastelsky

    Watching this on my Honor 8x. Only thing i didn't like on this phone is its low sound output via 3.5mm jack compared to my old Samsung S6. Music in Spotify is distorted/clipping even in high quality mode and its very noticeable as im using iems. I had to buy headphone amplifier (Topping NX1s). Not recommended for audiophiles.

  7. 671 GC

    Ne one know if the 8x has the same features as mate 20 lite like private space? And any usa users who have luck with 4g lte? Thx

  8. Lorenson Harry

    Just bought my Honor 8x three days ago and the only issue i noticed is when watching videos or photos on facebook and ig, the graphic is so bad. My more cheaper Oppo a37 has even better graphic.

  9. Grover Watson

    I bought one Friday…. at this sweet price point, I can replace my handsets once a year with no strain……. I'm looking forward to the next year's model, hoping it will have a USB-C connector…….

  10. Louis Morel

    Its really good on full screen on Netflix. Probably one of the best experiences with the bezel and design of the phone. It's like your there like VR because its so HD and so thin bezel.

  11. TheRajeevDev

    Micro USB is not d problem. Usb type c is d problem bcoz u can't find it everywhere if u wan to chrge it.usb type c wil be comon evrywhr aftr 2 to 3 yrs .

  12. AH AH

    the only thing micro usb is good for is those magnetic adapters you buy on ebay…otherwise they get flimsy in 6 months or so….

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