Honor 8X Unboxing and Size Comparison

Unboxing the new 6.5” Honor 8X which cost only £230 and allegedly offers a crazy value for money. What’s inside the box and how does it compare to the bigger Honor 8X Max and other phones? Let’s find out!

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34 Replies to “Honor 8X Unboxing and Size Comparison”


    I just ordered my mother one for Christmas and it came today. This
    phone is SMALL. All of these phones today are NOT as big as they SOUND.
    6.5 SOUNDS big but it really isnt. This is NOT a tablet like phone.
    These phones that have been released with these 6.5 and higher in inches
    are TALL but they are skinny as a regular 5.7 inch phone. I dont know
    what the rationale is behind this. Maybe its a marketing ploy to make
    us THINK we are buying a big phone. I used to own a Huawei Mediapad x1
    phone and that was a TRUE 7.0 inch PHABLET. It was a tablet with phone
    capabilites with a better camera. Now thats what I want again but if
    you take the Xiomi Mix Max 3, Honor Note 10 or the 8x MAX which are all
    7inch phones (by todays standards) and hold them next to the Mediapad X1
    or X2 and you will see that the Mediapad is double the size of the
    Honor Note 10. I now own the Honor Note 8 which is supposed to be 6.6
    inches and hold it next to the Honor Note 10 which is supposed to be 6.9
    inches, the 8 is larger than the 10 because the 8 is wider. Whats the
    point with a tall phone that is skinny as a rail? I was afraid the 8x
    would be too big for my mother to hold but its extremely more narrow
    than my note 8. This phone is small. TRUST ME the 8x is tiny. There
    wont be a problem with putting it in your pocket or holding it with one
    hand, BUT the screen clarity is awesome and the colors pop.

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