Honor 8X Unboxing | Full tour of this budget stunner

Unboxing and tour of the Honor 8X, Huawei’s latest budget Honor smartphone. This great-value handset costs under £250 in the UK, yet the Honor 8X boasts a dual lens camera with AI smarts, solid specs and an impressive full-screen 6.5-inch display.

As well as showing what’s in the box, we setup and review the 8X’s hardware and software. So far performance seems dependable, despite the budget asking price, while you get Huawei’s GPU Turbo smarts to keep games running smoothly. Just like on the Honor Play and Honor 10.

So will the Honor 8X prove to be a worthy successor to the Honor 7X and other cheap Huawei handsets? Check out our full camera test and in-depth Honor 8X review, right here on Recombu. You can also see comparisons with its biggest rivals over on Tech Spurt.

32 Replies to “Honor 8X Unboxing | Full tour of this budget stunner”

  1. -Zordex -

    I have a problem on my honour when i open snapchat the camera is too zoomed in and most instagram stories dont display fully cause the screen is too big,is there a way to fix this

  2. Brad Sultes

    I live in the USA. I have checked thoroughly with my cell service, cricket. They guarantee me it will work with 4g no problem. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  3. MaDDeX

    I have to honest this black version looks much better than blue one. i don't hate blue it is my favorite colour i just like how it looks in black better.

  4. AJMitchell87

    If I was in the market to buy a phone outright instead of through a carrier, this would be my pick hands down. Looks stunning especially the blue. Less bezel than my p20 pro and decent midrange processor, large battery, and using micro usb isn’t a huge issue for me, as I charge my phone overnight anyhoo. And it has a ? jack!! From the sound and look of it, definitely worth the money

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