Honor 8x vs Honor 7x vs Honor 10 | Side-by-side comparison

We compare the new budget-friendly Honor 8X handset with two other great Honor smartphones: the excellent Honor 7X and the flagship Honor 10, all boasting Huawei’s EMUI 8 software, solid specs for the price and dual-lens camera tech.

Which of these value mobiles is best for you? Well, the Honor 8X sports very sleek design and performance that’s close to the Honor 10, as well as some great camera features like an updated night mode. You also get impressive specs, for a budget smartphone – the Honor 8X serves up a Full HD+ 6.5-inch screen, 3750mAh battery and plenty of storage.

The Honor 7X is older tech, so in terms of speed and camera smarts it’s not as advanced as the Honor 8X and Honor 10. That said, you’ll get it at a good price here in the UK. And you still get Huawei’s EMUI 8 smarts on board.

Check out my Honor 8X vs Honor Play comparison to see how the latest Huawei Honor phones stack up in every department. You can also see how the 8X is better than the iPhone XS in most areas, despite costing a fraction of the price!

33 Replies to “Honor 8x vs Honor 7x vs Honor 10 | Side-by-side comparison”

  1. Vaughan Houston

    I'm very indecisive!!!! I had a IPhone 8 plus, got robbed? Need a phone that takes beautiful pictures as the IPhone 8plus. what will that be? Honor 8x or Honor 10?

    camera is more important then games and speed. lol?

  2. Luke Millard

    Upgrading to 8x after having 7x for about a year now I with just a 10 second asidemtaly dunk in water screen was waged out and pop up a little other then that and the back really does dent. The micro usb port area is scratched from pluging in. Loved it othe wise

  3. Romeo Molongoana

    Dude your videos are freaking fantastic. You've earned my sub and a massive like. I've been struggling to make a decision for 2 months and you made it for me in 10min. Keep up the good work.

    I love the in-depth analysis and true, non-favouritism stance you take with your products and reviews. The end thoughts and comments are the cherry on top of a well crafted, truly magnificent review experience. Thank you again

  4. kayahan kara

    I appreciate the video and detailed comparation but why not give your final plus and negatives and preferred model at the begining or end of the video. I don't want to watch the whole video. Just need the difference .

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