45 Replies to “Honor 8X Water Test! Actually Waterproof?”

  1. The Dreamer

    Hi! If you're reading this please help me. I'm planning to buy my own phone and I don't know what to choose between y9 and 8x. If you have one of this phone can you please tell me how is the video and camera quality of the phone. Is it okay to vlog using this phone? Thanks in advance♡♡♡

  2. 《LEAD》 ¿

    Nice video i will put my phone inside water after this

    Jk i will not risk my honor 8x inside water though its good to know that it has decent water resistance

  3. Johnny Queen

    I watching this with honor 8x, honest review and comparison with my redmi note 5
    Honor 8x – gaming is okay, cant record cause lagging. Bad multitasking. Back camera is nice and original photo no beautify like redmi. Video 60fps is really nice. Low light video is poor. Selfie camera is poor. Can be adjusted depends lighting. Storage is big 110gb. 10gb balance is factory. Redmi is better at multitasking and gaming with recording. But this phone screen is big and design much beautiful than redmi note 5. both is cheap and has up and downs accordingly. Just honor 8x can't connect to 5hz wifi but I'm okay. I trade in my redmi because faulty hardware GPS. Now i have working gps, bigger storage, bigger screen I don't care much about the multitasking lag

  4. LA14 Zzz

    Тест ведется на давление, а не на мокрую поверхность. Так как при давлении все дырки в телефоне раскрываются, мудак. Видео отстой.

  5. LA14 Zzz

    Дебил. Ты утопи телефон не на сантиметр в воде, а на 20-40см. И тогда тестируй. Тем более уже , как год и более есть телы которые работают норм в воде. И не в одной капле воды.

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