How Apple And Samsung Became Rivals

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If you’ve been following Apple for a while or know the company’s history, you’ll probably remember them having quite a few rivals over the past thirty five years. In the 80’s it was IBM, in the 90’s it was Microsoft, and in the 2000’s, it eventually became Google. But the rivalry between Apple and Samsung is more recent, and more unique. Since Samsung not only competes with Apple in the notebook, tablet, and smartphone markets, but also supplies Apple with key components for their devices. Like the iPhone’s OLED display and flash memory chip. So let’s explore how the two companies relationship soured, and how they feel about each other today.

27 Replies to “How Apple And Samsung Became Rivals”

  1. Drake Park

    wish both of them luck both cant be rivaled by virtually chinese state run copycat chinese are nothing but cockcroaches that steal not only tech but also everything from other countries and china money is shitting Korea in many categories especially entertainment including Korean pop chinese have been conquered massacred and raped by northern superiors throughout history chinese saying their history equals slaves speaking their multiple masters history and land

  2. Davout

    As much as I love Steve Jobs and his historical innovations I admire Tim Cook for his decision to stop the fight with Samsung. This is just way too costly for both companies and the fail for one will mean the other will most likely struggle a lot. Look at what happened for Apple. Their sales for iPhone got lower and the Samsung profit just collapsed for Q1 2019. 60% less the a year before. Which will most likely mean that they will rise up their prices for the next year displays for iPhone and eventually higher costs.

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