How BRITTLE is the glass on the iPhone 8? Scratch, Drop and Water Torture Tests

Thought this video was going to end MUCH sooner than it did. I wasn’t terribly impressed that Apple decided to go with the glass-back route. I liked the Aluminum body of the iPhone 6 and 7’s because of the increased durability.

But I was surprised at how much punishment the new iPhone 8 could take.

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The first thing I wanted to know was this. Would the glass crack if I dropped it on the corner of the iPhone. Technically it shouldn’t because the edge of the iPhone is still aluminum but I’m curious to know if the extra strong copper strengthened super structure was going to stop the impact from the corner travel to the glass.

So I cleaned off a section of my garage, took the plastic wrapper off my new iPhone 8 that I had picked up 30 mins prior and dropped it, port first. Part of me was expecting the glass to break but to my surprise….it didn’t.

I subsequently turned it around and dropped it camera side first and something interesting happened. It looks like the plate that the glass is glued to came apart but the glass didn’t break. Not a bad alternative to having the back of the glass actually crack.

For the scratch tests, I tested with:

– Monty’s paws which didn’t nothing.
– Coins didn’t do anything to the glass back of the iPhone 8
– Keys which, like Monty’s paws and coins, didn’t do anything
– Kitchen knife had no noticeable effect on the back. Chopping an onion on the back didn’t bother it either
– surprisingly a rock I found in the alley scuffed up the glass iPhone 8. I though this wasn’t going to happen but it looks like I took off the coating and didn’t damage the glass.

The last test I did was with the file from my leatherman and this file leaves a mark on every screen protector I have tested so I was expecting it to scratch the iPhone 8. It did.

So after all that, I was curious to know what would happen in a back first drop on rocks. I took it to the side of the house where a bunch of river rock lines the ground. At this moment, I felt like I was doing something bad, I felt a little guilty because I was in this secluded area, ready to hurt my iPhone 8 even more.

So the first back drop from about chest height….resulted in nothing happening. I was actually surprised as the rock that scratched the back came from the same general pile of rocks but nothing happened.

So I decided to take the iPhone 8 to over 6 ft and dropped it back first again. Annndddd nothing happened. I was definitely surprised that nothing happened to the iPhone 8. At this point in time I thought this iPhone 8 was INVINCIBLE.

But the truth always comes on when I drop it on the sidewalk in front of my house. The sidewalk looks smooth but definitely isn’t because. Every screen or glass screen protector that makes contact with the sidewalk, breaks.

So I set everything up and dropped it from 3.5 ft and the back of the iPhone died. It cracked which made me sad but then I noticed that part of the back was actually sticking out. I have no idea why that happened.

Now before I get to the iPhone 8 water test, I will note that the toughness of the screen was about the same. Again, I’ve broken enough iPhone screens over the years on my sidewalk to know that a chest height drop is going to ruin your iPhone.

For the water test, I really wanted to get the iPhone all broken up before submerging it so I dropped it a few more times with the last drop resulting in a giant crevice on the back of my iPhone.

That’s probably the coolest type of damage I’ve seen on an iPhone in the last 4 years.

So with the water test, I took the extremely beat up iPhone and dunked it into the sink and I let it sit for a while. When I checked on it 5 mins in, the screen was off and I thought that was it. The iPhone is dead.

Nope. I forgot to turn off the auto-lock.

The iPhone sat in my sink for 51 minutes before I pulled it out. By this time the screen was a little off but everything seemed to work. Again, this wasn’t surprising to me

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49 Replies to “How BRITTLE is the glass on the iPhone 8? Scratch, Drop and Water Torture Tests”

  1. Harrison Ford

    the pictures on here definitely make this look a lot sketchier than it is.>>> Mine came perfectly shipped, no cracks in the glass. Even included a sim card tool. in new packaging and the whole 9 yards.

  2. Jack Jeffery

    literally have the iPhone 8 and i cracked the back, 2 months after i got it. i dropped it earlier too and the back cracked again and the whole top half is shattered. Edit: forgot the camera somehow shattered too

  3. Angel Reyna

    Don’t be fooled The screens are brittle as hell won’t last . Just cracked mine. Apple is shit. Just got an IPhone because of a promotion they had in Sprint

  4. Elisabeth

    Ok I had the screen protector off for a few hrs and babied my phone and didn’t go anywhere. But got a few fine scratches on my screen so yes the 8 scratches worse than any of my previous iPhones. And I am extremely careful.

  5. I B

    The I phone 8 is ridiculous. I cant believe that after all the shattered screens from previous I phones, consumers will actually buy a glass I phone? Lmao the apple brand has people wrapped around their finger!

  6. Glitter Goddess

    I've always wanted an iPhone. But, I've never gotten one because all of my friends that have one always have a cracked screen. And I'm talking about years ago and to this day still have cracked screens even with new phones. Apple's phones juat crack too easily. I've never had a smart phone screen crack on me. Not once.

  7. Wittzzz

    But you also get light scuffs on the back of the phone. The second I got my iPhone 8, I. Placed it on my table and there we go, phone already ruined.

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