How Huawei beat Samsung with a worse foldable

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is a more functional product and yet it was the wrong business decision, I think. Here’s why.

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20 Replies to “How Huawei beat Samsung with a worse foldable”

  1. Fabio Louis


    The idea that Mate X gave us as a foldable phone is greater than samsung itself.
    it has a bigger screen, better specs and the way it works is better than the Galaxy, no to mention that the galaxy died 2 days after the launch…

  2. Bushangels

    You are so biased. Most reviewers concluded that Mate X is a better design than Fold…and Fold has proved a failed product. A slap on your face?

  3. Trius

    They should use two or more microlcd screens which will fold flat and made of glass. This is the obvious solution. I don't know why samsung wants a bendy screen when they have this better system.

  4. Bryan9516

    So.. When will Huawei launch? Is it possible? Don't call to open other's card before betting. Show first Huawei real phone. I have gold moon in my house. Can you believe it before showing it?

  5. Erick Fuga

    Your arguments to argue against Mate X is based on assumptions, which probably means that you are wrong. Oh, just noticed that I;n commenting 2 months away from the video, so you were definitely wrong, as Samsung phones are already breaking. You should make a video assuming this one was bullshit.

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