How I Edit My Videos Using My Android Phone (TAGALOG)

Yes, you can use your phone to edit your YouTube videos. It’s very easy and fun to learn. Watch the entire video for the tutorial.

The phone I’m using is Huawei Mate 9
The App I’m using is PowerDirector available in Google Play Store for FREE.

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45 Replies to “How I Edit My Videos Using My Android Phone (TAGALOG)”

  1. Gharznetics

    New subscriber here. Thank you very much for sharing your ideas on how to edit videos. I hope your channel will continue to grow. God bless you. ?

  2. Christian Crvz

    Hi guys! I'm going to start my youtube channel. Can I get a support from each one of you by subscribing? Though I'm not uploading a video yet. To boost my confidence too. Thankyou?

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