How I Got My OnePlus 6 To Have Google Pixel Software!

The Pixel Experience ROM allows many devices to experience the best of Google on your preferred hardware. We check it out on the OnePlus 6!


OnePlus 6 – Pixel Experience Rom

Pixel Experience GSI – Android 8.1

Pixel Experience GSI – Android 9.0

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39 Replies to “How I Got My OnePlus 6 To Have Google Pixel Software!”

  1. European Confidence

    What is the Beta software like in Oxygen OS? I've refrained from downloading in case I don't like it and want to go back. How can I go back to the original Oxygen Os if I don't like the Beta OS? Is it the same way I downloaded the Beta?

  2. Evgeny Lelin

    Too much talking and no visual info about the rom itself except some useless piece of settings menu – this I already know myself. Regarding you video is only one question: So what?


    Can someone tell me how to fix the delay in whatsapp notifications and reminders in OPOS 9.0.4?.Whatsapp Audio Notes and calls are terrible too. Any fix ?

  4. Elvir Redzepovic

    This guy suffers from dementia. He named the video "How I Got My OnePlus 6 To Have Google Pixel Software!" and directly after that he forgot what video he was making was supposed to be about. Xda developers, you need to get him some medical help.

  5. Individua1

    Its a port, which will have issues. Oxygen OS was/is developed by former Paranoid Android developers. Thats why its so damn good. I'd go so far and say its much better than stock android/aosp/pixel. The only reason i Root my oneplus is because i need Viper For Android and FRANCO kernel.

  6. Divyesh Parmar

    I have a dangerous query though, flashing new ROM will not let me use all those Payment apps like PayTM, Google Pay and stuff. So can you or someone please suggest the work around for it.

    Also in the Xiaomi's MiUI and Samsung's version of android all the phone dialers have a built in video calling feature where as no stock android or near to stock android ROMs have this built in video calling feature in the dialer itself which lets me do a video call without even using my internet netpack. So is there an opened dialer app for this available or are there any ROMs who has it in-built please let me know I really need to use that kind of app in Moto G3 which is running on Ressurection Remix OS

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