How to 3D Model an iPhone X Phone Case – Learn Autodesk Fusion 360 in 30 Days: Day #10

How to 3D Model an iPhone X Phone Case in Fusion 360 // Welcome to Day #10 of Learn Fusion 360 in 30 days. By the end of this tutorial, you’ll be able to 3D model a phone case for 3D printing. You’ll learn how to: upload files, how to use the extend sketch feature, how to project a sketch, and how to export your .STL file for 3D printing.

iPhone X CAD Model Download:
SVG Pattern Download:
My Example File:

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1:08 | Import file
2:07 | Create a spline
2:27 | Offset spline
2:59 | Extend feature
3:19 | Sweep
4:17 | Cuts for buttons
5:47 | Add back to the case
7:22 | Cut out the bottom notch
8:23 | Cut out camera notch
9:26 | Insert SVG pattern
10:11 | Final touches – Add fillets

My CAD setup:






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45 Replies to “How to 3D Model an iPhone X Phone Case – Learn Autodesk Fusion 360 in 30 Days: Day #10”

  1. Pepper1923

    Hey Kevin, this was a great video but at the beginning you said that we could import our own cad files of a phone and I wanted to do an iPhone 6. Could you please reply to me with a file to download an iPhone 6. Thanks, Pepper

  2. schmots

    I have only just found your channel and really want to try this tutorial. However none of the links for the iPhone file work anymore, I have tried other step files online but either their measurements aren't accurate or because of how they are made the sweep won't work. Any chance you could again share your iPhone file?

  3. Paul Farmer

    Hey Kevin, I'm trying to select the bumper and the back but no matter what i do i cannot seem to get the 2 to select together i seem to be toggling between 1 or the other but not both together, ive tried switching on/off all manner of things but no success, crazy little things make it really frustrating, i did a screenshot but cant attach it here i guess

  4. StepInIsrael

    When I create the spline (@2:21) I am unable to grab the spline handles (actually, I can grab one, but after I finish dragging it around, I can't grab any others) because when I move my pointer to the spline, the face highlights and doesn't allow me to click on the spline.
    Based on something you wrote me in an earlier video, I thought it might have to do with the Selection Priority, i.e. maybe I should change to 'Select Body Priority', but that didn't help.
    Any advice?

  5. Philip Holdcroft

    Great tutorial Kevin, just made one for my iPhone 5. What i like about your videos is, they are short and to the point and more importantly no waffle. Keep up the awesome work… Subscribed and Alarm activated

  6. David Taylor

    Thanks for the great series. Have been following along, and actually getting somewhere. This project, is what I want to create. However, I am modelling for a Galaxy Note 8. The iPhone, has some symmetry around the edges, and the sweep does travels very nicely. For my phone, it is not symmetrical on the edges, and gives errors about this symmetry. Is there another method to achieve an outcome? regards ( I did download a model, as you suggested)

  7. Doug Grant

    When I import the .stp file it imports standing on the top of the case…the front is the back. I know I should be able to fix this but don't find the commands to do so. It throws all the instructions off.

  8. Marisa Jane

    Hi, I can't see how to download the svg pattern – the link takes me to the page and I can see it but I don't see any options/ways to download it. Thanks!

  9. lordcosmic1

    I have a small issue in regarding to selecting multiple profiles for extruding the shape of the rectangle which would essentially cut out the hole for the buttons; it seems as if I can't select the two halves of the rectangle right after creating the 1.5mm fillets. Anything I missed?

  10. Jason Cagle

    OMG! I was never aware that there were CAD files of existing smartphones for this! The tutorial and extra information will help me out TONS as I was considering making my own phone case as well!! I am certain these websites have many other files for several other application as well!! Definitely will be utilizing this very soon!

  11. Jack Gringlas

    Cant find a file to use as the start for this tutorial, I tried the links below and got this message"Can’t connect securely to this pageThis might be because the site uses outdated or unsafe TLS security settings. If this keeps happening, try contacting the website’s owner".can you post a new link

  12. Don Vanco

    CAD example appears locked – "This project is not public yet. You are not authorized to view it." (and I am signed into my Autodesk account)

  13. Doug Napier

    Has the file for the linked IPhone been altered? The downloaded file of the IPhone no longer shows all the ports and seems considerably harder to work with than in your video. Thanks

  14. Matthew Mandegar

    First off great video!!! easy to follow. is there a way to combine all the faces created into a solid shape then split it into two bodies? in essence i want to create a 2 layer case. kind of like the otter box or lifeproof case. silicone inside hard shell outside.

  15. sky rim

    Here is the problem I am getting when I am designing.the part disappear I have to double click on the screen then it appears back,and it also shows blue instead of black.

  16. Shmoken Aces

    Great video, and I really appreciate how you highlight the new concepts while reinforcing the previous ones.

    I am having a lot of trouble in general with Fusion 360, though:
    1) If my internet connection is sketchy (ok there are 14 wireless devices hammering the router and modem) is the user interface laggy, or is my PC under powered? The UI is way laggier than your videos.
    2) In sketch mode Fusion 360 keeps trying to add geometry. For example, it automatically tries to draw an offset oval inside the camera cutout. How do I get it to be a little less helpful?

  17. G M

    Hello friend, to make a rounded shape as the Iphone has in the sides, the way is always done isnlike you did for the case? I usually tend to start with a rectangle but after fillet it never gets thst round! Thanks!

  18. Maverick Maker

    How did you get the step file? When I follow the link Autodesk has me login before I can down load it, then when I download it I get a F3D file. This file has the History in it and the Y axis up. Speaking of which axis is up I like the change with out telling anyone.

  19. Rud Dog

    It is interesting to see your approach in many videos they recommend using the sketched approach you go directly to the extrude route. And you are highly proficient at doing so. Thank you for a great series.
    Started searching your "more" section here and found the iPhone file you used but was a bit confused on how I would find a file for my cell phone. Where did you originally get the iPhone file you used and is there a location to import other phones? Thanks again.

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