How to at a pop up on a Weebly site using Mail Chimp

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How to add an email opt in pop up on a Weebly website to collect email addresses

17 Replies to “How to at a pop up on a Weebly site using Mail Chimp”

  1. Lisa Shozuya

    Thank you for this Julie! I use both Weebly and MailChimp and it's not easy to find people who do that give instructions like this! Woo! Your instructions are simple, clean, clear! Aloha! ?

  2. winkipinky

    Thanks Julie for this great and easy to follow tutorial, just what I was looking for… By the way you look fantastic in your profile pic!! 🙂

  3. Jane Curnow

    Hi Julie.  Very helpful thank you!  Weebly don't seem to have help on a pop up email subscriber.  However in following your instructions I have lost all my sub pages.  Any ideas?

  4. Aang Winoto

    working fine on me…. but hey, can you put 2 java script as the footer code ??
    because previously just make add an embed code element and put it there 😀
    it works fine but google webmaster give me an advice to remove it, because it slow down my website speed. Please reply.

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