How to disable the Bixby button on the Samsung Galaxy S8

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42 Replies to “How to disable the Bixby button on the Samsung Galaxy S8”

  1. MatthewRTP

    Is there any way to completely uninstall the worthless app from my phone? I feel like my phone would run Pokémon Go much smoother without it existing in the background.

  2. B.M.W

    i cant understand, when i go to the settings there is no any "bixby voice" or "bixby key"
    I have only
    my mail
    ABOUT BIXBY…. can u help me with that?

  3. CVLS Chucky Ve

    This was laser-guided to the point no BS instruction. Thank you very much for just getting to the point and not wasting our time you are awesome you just gained a subscriber in me thank you my friend I just love it!

  4. Lukasz Nowak

    So to disable Bixby button (i.e. Not Bixby service altogether but button only) one must have agree with T&Cs, giving Sammy access to everything? So it's like we'll be reading your emails and texts, spy on your location and web browsing, profiling your data, whole life and selling it but don't worry your can at least disable the way to make a use out of it yourself… lmao

  5. Jared Snellings

    I'm switching from the iPhone 6s plus to the s8+. What are some things I might need to watch out for when I get it? Like apps crashing or it taking a while for android updates to roll out to the phone or something (those are just some random things I could come up with). Also are the android updates like the iOS updates where we all get that at one time or do certain android phones get them first? Whoever answers, thank you!

  6. we8gas

    Thank fuck for that!
    I was about to boycott Samsung if they didn't do something about this vile button!
    Still wouldn't have go an iPhone though. Fuck you Apple!

  7. Trenton Matthews

    I do not care if i'm first or not, but one thing is for sure, I'm "not!" Disabling that Bixby button when I get my T-Mobile S8 in 1.5 months AKA "Black Friday!"
    With that being said, I am happy that Samsung now has a "native" way to disable it if people don't want it.

    In addition, even if Bixby worked at launch, the people who prefer Google Assistant, will "always" stick with it.

    Personally, I say go and watch the series of Bixby Walk Throughs done by "Saki Tech," "Jimmy Is Promo" "The You Tube Tech Guy," and "SamTIZEN" for all the info you could ever want on this fine product.
    If no one teaches Bixby how to learn from you the consumer, it will "never!" learn.

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