How to Find or Unlock Your Android Phone Remotely! (See description)

This method will no longer change your lock screen password since the new kill switch law of 2015. You can still locate your device, SET a password if you don’t have one (it won’t change what you already have one), and erase the device.

This video is about Android Device manager where you can locate, lock or change your PIN, erase, or sound an alarm on your phone. This can be very useful if you forget you password or need to find a lost phone.

Let me know if you’d like to see more of these instructional videos.

40 Replies to “How to Find or Unlock Your Android Phone Remotely! (See description)”

  1. veerappa hangarki

    I got my mobile with FIND MY DEVICE..
    I locked that mobile phone when I lost it..
    But now I got that mobile phone but it's asked password every time.
    Please help me how to remove that password.

  2. Maurice Davis

    When I go to Find My Device it only gives me an option to save a screen message & phone number, there is no change password option. I was able to lock my phone with a message displayed but now I need to unlock my phone….. any suggestions on how to do that????

  3. Neeraj Kumar

    to unlock your phone enter the same password you used to lock the phone . if you want to remove the lock (password ) then go to your phone setting and remove screen lock ( as this lock behaves like a screen lock ).

  4. Ashish Monpara

    Hi Dear, i have locked my phone(Xiaomi Redmi Note 3) by Android find my device manger for testing purpose but now i not able to remove phone lock from home
    screen and i also know the password which was i set but it's not working i tried many time. now i have no option other than formatting the data.
    so kindly help me to find a way to unlock it without loosing my data as it is very important.please give me a reply as soon as possible.???
    and i am not able to open anything even not a settings so how can i unlock my phone & remove pin???

  5. AuctopuasJewce9


    I learned the hard way by experience. I was testing this feature and locked my phone but it showed the message, "Since the passcode has already been set this will not be used". Google is autistic guys I'm begging you please don't lock it

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