How to Fix Bluetooth Not Working on iPhone Running iOS 12

is Bluetooth not working in iOS 12 on your iPhone and iPad? Follow along to try out some of the most reliable solutions to fix the Bluetooth connecting issue on your iOS 12 device!

Force Reboot your iPhone:

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34 Replies to “How to Fix Bluetooth Not Working on iPhone Running iOS 12”


    For me I just bought my X and I go to Bluetooth in settings and the Bluetooth connections won’t even show up and I just have a spinning wheel.


    iPhones do that so as to buy their own expensive earbuds that way they can cut out another blue tooth device that's not iPhone is what I'm suspecting ….. cus its clearly not working for me i have used different blue tooth thats not from apple but not working … ill use the apple product to see ho it works

  3. Omkar Mhatre

    Remember one thing..Never update your fully working iPhone to new ios 12 updates.. All are crap and full of network and Bluetooth bugs. Stay on ios 11 or lower and enjoy your iPhone.

  4. rcuasito

    I finally figured out the bluetooth connectivity problem after ios 12.1.1. I've been trying everything from turning the bluetooth button button on and off, turning my sony headphones on and off, hard resetting and nothing worked. All I kept getting was that cycling button for almost a week. Then I came across a suggestion to hold my headphones on button longer after it says power on. You have to keep holding the on button on your headphones long enough until it says "pairing". I'd reset your iphone bluetooth on and off then turn on your headphones or earphones. Keep in mind that I never had bluetooth problems before ios 12.1.1. I'm so glad it works now because I was so close to restoring back to 12.0.1. I hope this helps out.

  5. O. K. Upchurch III

    Tried the first fix and it did not work…..then tried second and no problems….work good now…..what I did was: 1. delete the app 2. delete the devise in bluetooth 3. turn off bluetooth 4. reboot by holding the home button and the off button until phone shuts off……waited a minute, turn phone back on…….then downloaded app again…….turned on bluetooth if it did not automatically default to on position……then went to app and turned on the devise and then paired from within the app…….checked to see it it was showing in bluetooth… was…..seems all ok now….thanks….BTW: i have a iPhone 6 Plus with iOS 12.1

  6. Soumyadeep Karmakar

    I switched the bluetooth on my new iphone SE but no devices come up on the list……………………………………….it keeps on spinning…………..cannot connect to my bluetooth speaker

  7. JW Churns

    I tried the first fix with no success. The second recommended fix, the Reset in the Settings/General worked. It was very easy. Thank you.

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