How to Fix Green Lines on iPhone X, XR, XS, XS Max and 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max after iOS 13/13.3

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  1. てびどWil

    I was a cell phone technician for years. The line is caused by a PHYSICAL issue 99.9% of the time, such as a dislodged ribbon cable, torn ribbon cable, or even corrosion on the cable contact. You likely cannot fix this issue with software fixes.

  2. Nasrullah Khan

    NOTE: if your phone is dropped and green line appeared, then please don't waste your time watching this video and doing these steps. Just go for lcd panel replacement. Thanks.

  3. Moot

    You guys should try resetting your settings it worked for me all u guys gotta do is remember your settings and that’s pretty much it??

  4. CRYSTEl

    I fell asleep watching YouTube and when I woke up I had a green line all the way to the right side.. I think I may have laid on while sleeping

  5. Samphors pok

    Hello! I’ve been using my iPhone 12 Pro Max (LL/256gb) for 6 months, yesterday the pink line (stripe) was appeared on my phone. It never drops on the floor. I wonder why all of the sudden it appears the pink line on the edge like this; I feel so disappointed becuz I just bought it with brand new not the second hand or sth. So, should I change the screen? Please be advised! Thanks! ???

  6. Nate

    Will this get worse ? Idc about it as long as it doesn’t kill my phone… done buying phones LOL. Been android forever. Finally died. Took wife’s iPhone so here I am ha

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