How to Fix iOS 10 update or restore problem, "connect to iTunes" error

dr.fone – iOS System Recovery :
(This software can fix “iOS 10 update or restore problem” and also “Connect to iTunes” issue with NO DATA LOSS.)

In this video I will be showing how to fix iPhone (iOS) update or restore problem. You may face this type of problem when you shut down your iPhone updating time.
This solution should work for iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6 plus, 7.
You just need to connect your iPhone with your pc and then your pc will auto detect your iPhone and will show popup with update option.
If your pc doesn’t detect your iPhone then press “Power” key with “Home” key on your iPhone.

iTunes 32 bit :
iTunes 64 bit:

Cómo solucionar un problema de actualización o restauración de iOS 10, error “conectar a iTunes”.

Comment faire pour réparer iOS 10 mise à jour ou restaurer le problème, “connecter à iTunes” erreur.

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34 Replies to “How to Fix iOS 10 update or restore problem, "connect to iTunes" error”

  1. NYCL1

    Yo !!!! This shht worked …. thank you brother yours was the only video that worked and saved me from buying a new phone. For anyone else having issues don’t use a Mac i tried countless times on mine. Use a PC worked on first try.


    hy, can you help me,i had connected my iphone to store music from itunes but my phone sitched off and on my phone the logo of iphone and upgrade is not increasing.can you help me plz

  3. Melissa Garcia

    OK so I updated my iTunes and software on my MacBook Air but then once it starts updating it says error. it stops halfway on the screen but doesn't move after that. WHAT DO I DO????

  4. Miks Del Rosario

    Hello sir!, my iphone's os is 11.3
    I dont want to update my os, if i choose restore my phone will erase all datas but the os is still ios 11.3 or it will change in to latest os?

  5. Lochoo Giovanni

    Hello it does not work in my case, it keep on waiting for iphone some mins later error 4005 appear on my macbook screen i tried to used dr. fone in the last steps its telling am using trial version?

  6. Yasi K.

    When I try to restore it there pops up in the middle of the loading an error that says that my iPhone is locked with a password, so I have to type it. But guess what, my iPhone is still not working. What can I do?

  7. sfomann

    If you backup your iphone on your older Mac OS iTunes, it lets you backup. But if you need to restore it for any reason, it will not let you restore and will force you to upgrade your Mac OS. And if you try to upgrade your Mac OS, it will tell you that your hardware is too old to upgrade, essentially forcing you to buy a new computer.
    Solution: 1. Make a time machine backup of your old computer. 2. Buy a new computer 3. Restore your new computer from the time machine backup. 4. restore your iphone from the itunes backup of the new computer 5. Delete your data from the new computer 6. Return your new computer within 14 days!

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