How To Fix LTE and SMS Issues on iOS 12.1.2 and Newer

How to fix LTE and SMS problems on iOS 12

Since the release of iOS 12, iOS 12.1,iOS 12.1.1 and now with iOS 12.1.2, many have continued to have problems with LTE data and SMS messages working properly. I show you a way to fix this until Apple provides a proper update to fix the issue. #iOS #LTE #howto #iphone

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23 Replies to “How To Fix LTE and SMS Issues on iOS 12.1.2 and Newer”

  1. Donald RockJr

    The update isn't the issue. My phone was so bad (This is with IOS 12.1.4 too) with no LTE and WiFi, I had to reload the software from iTune. The WiFi would turn itself off…..ON IT'S OWN!!!!! After the reload, I got 3g and no WiFi connection. After multiple calls to Apple customer service, it's sort of fixed………I think. The WiFi still turns itself off!!! I just noticed that the Cellular Data was off as I wondered why is took 6 hours to get an voicemail message. It's not the carrier either……been there, done that, wrote the book!!! I wish I had seen the connectivity issues prior to buying this in December as I would have bought an 8 Plus instead!! Some carriers are replacing the XR with the X and 8 Plus. I bought mine from Apple and they haven't ever offered to replace mine!! On the Apple XR community site, there is just an overload of complaints about the LTE and WiFi connectivity issue and it doesn't look like it will be resolved anytime soon!!!! #SMH

  2. Ceniel Mangual

    I’m having this problem with the 4G LTE on Claro Mobile Network (Cingular) (Puerto Rico U.S.A) it stays on 3G no matter what. I’ve been trying all but nothing seems to work. it’s been like this since the 12.1.2 update and now I’ve upgraded to 12.1.4 and it keeps doing the same.

  3. Paul Kelsey

    February 20 2019 and I’m still having this issue on the iPhone XR. I had 12.1.2 and now I have 12.1.3 still the same. Come on apple!!!!! This is so annoying!!! Yeah the workaround only works for a hour or so. I have to toggle airplane mode on then back off at least two to three times a day.

  4. Emiliano Anguiano

    I have LTE PROBLEMS wtf!!!! signal comes and goes it stays Lte on and everything but When i try to open an app it doesn’t have internet even doe it says LTE and full bars?

  5. danar224

    i have iphone 7 plus when i enable lte it dosent show anything like u? still i want to chnge to 2g becous sgnal of 3g is too low and there is no option for that ?any help thanks

  6. Juan Cobos

    I have the iPhone XR and I use my unlimited data lye data all the time my phone runs YouTube slow as fuck and also the App Store loads and downloads games slow help?

  7. Arizona Masshole

    Thank you!!! I have been unable to text for days!!! Apple was no help at all. They wanted me to factory reset my phone and I said no way! Shutting off LTE fixed the problem. ?

  8. Salieu Bah

    Can you please check and confirm if the way you switch on your Iphone XS Max or XS changed with the ios version 12.1.1 and 12.1.2 as i noticed when i first got my XS Max i only need to tap to switch it on but since i updated to version 12.1.1 things completely changed, now i have to tap and hold for some seconds like the older devices to switch it on. it seems like non of the tech youtubers talk about that or even noticed that issue. i follow up your vidoes always and they are very helpful

  9. Viraj Waghanna

    Hi Aaron! I tried doing this But it doesn't work. My phone doesn't have cellular settings. My problem is with the Data. Apps like UBER doesnt work. App store works but when you download an app, it doesnt download. Imessages dont work. I tried turning wifi calling OFF and restarting the phone. It didnt work. 🙁

    Another thing i tried was to reset the network settings. This did work for sometimes but again i'm still facing the same issues.

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