How To Fix No Service and WiFi on iPhone After Updating

Many iPhones have issues with LTE, Cellular and WiFi especially after the most recent update on iOS 12.1.3 on Sprint and AT&T and other carriers around the world. I show you how you can temporarily fix it until an official update is release from Apple. #iPhone #noservice #LTE #WiFi #Apple

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28 Replies to “How To Fix No Service and WiFi on iPhone After Updating”

  1. Samantha

    Randomly my texts wouldn’t send, and phone calls would drop or I wouldn’t get them at all. I updated my phone. Restarted it. Turned it off. Reset network settings. It was okay most of the day after doing all that, but rn my texts stopped going through again. Not sure what to do:/
    Should I try removing my SIM card?

  2. Clayton Springer

    I trust your solution/fix but it wont work for me. I just recently bought a used sprint iphone x, unlocked it since i use att. Not able to turn wifi or bluetooth on.
    Would this be something i should talk to sprint about? Att? Apple directly?
    Note; i can use everything else via cell service, just not wifi or bluetooth. Need bluetooth for medical device


    I’m having exactly the same issues, both with Wi-Fi and cellular networks here in India. I’m using iPhone X since its launch…not sure if Apple should compensate for that as all my hard earned money went down in drain. I still believe Apple should simply replace it for anyone having the issue given the price tag.

  4. Joe Tintin

    If you are turning on your airplane mode or cellular data make sure you wait at least 10 seconds to make sure it is actually off and resets when you turn it back on.

  5. Dika Doi

    i have problem my iphone 8 plus ios 12.1.4 has no service , i try change sim card with other but its nothing happen , but i try in my other phone my sim card its work correctly .. i try restore with itunes but its nothing happen , i try all reset network , reset content and all setting but its nothing happen .. its still NO SERVICE .. but i can use wifi only ! yeah my iphone 8 plus now its work wifi only like my ipad .. very sad

  6. Mark Ayangco

    Hello, My device won't work after the update to IOS 12.1.4 i can't connect to any network, I done everything you done, and even do an FDR and still it wont work, I been assisted by ISO support, they send my device to their repair service center, and they findings was my device was had a liquid damage, which i found very absurd since my device is working perfectly fine before the update and it never submerge ot exposed to water damage. They are blaming the liquid that cause the issue, APPLE is just going round for me to buy a new device – and pay for almost $500 dollars for repair. They are not accepting the issue, I will do a video about this issue.

  7. Jerry Chan

    I have the same connectivity issue. The way to resolve the problem is put it on airplane mode for approximately 30 seconds or power reset. Apple appears to not know about this issue. I am communicating with a senior tech support who will then report to an engineer after I document the connectivity issues in the next several days. Currently, I agreed for Apple to share my phone information so when I do report the issues during the next several days, they will be able to trace the problem. I hope Apple can get this fix. If not I would love a full refund or a major discount for this terrible product.

  8. SeaWeasel Flounder

    After trying all fixes mentioned in the video; also tried ## codes as well; the #codes acted as if they wanted to work and instead of the phone showing “no service” it showed all four bars but none of those bars were highlighted in black to show it was working< It did not help. Still having issues. Little to no service in areas I’ve had good service before.

  9. vignesh raj

    For me iOS 12.1 upgrade put my phone in no service for all the time . I waited and updated to 12.1.3 still no service . So I went back to iOS 12.1.2 and using jailbreak for now happily . Wait for an update to fix no service issue and wifi also poor strength and dropping rapidly can’t connect to known network also sometimes very annoying . I’m using iPhone 6 from India . Now it’s became iPad

  10. Rhodri Ihenacho

    My Iphone X internet capabilities have become no existent. I can no longer use Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, and the internet in general. I can connect to wifi, and my 4G doesn't work either. Ocassionally a few Whatsapp messages will come through, but it doesn't last longer than 15 seconds, and only opens up once every 4 hours or so. Extremely annoying!

  11. Sam Purswell

    Hey man, I've got an iPhone 7, bought new from apple. I started having this issue a couple months ago but at this point I can't even open my cellular in settings. I took it to the apple store and they reset my phone, and my cellular came back for about 3 hours. That was a month ago. I tried resetting my networks and that didn't fix the problem. Have you learned anything new since publishing this video?

  12. Mr Pate

    I’m having this issues and it’s pissing me the F off! I’ve tried everything after of hours and hours of messing with this POS I’m fed up with it. I’m having same issues with my iPad Pro as well and it’s all after I’ve updated to this garbage! I’ve called sprint I’ve reset everything I’ve done it all nothing has worked! Damn this apple I’m bout to dip on them after a decade of using apple I’m freakin fed up with them!!!!!!!!’

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