How to fix Screen Time error on iOS 12

Screen Time not working on iOS 12 on your iPhone or iPad? Here’s how to fix it and use it.

iOS 12 on iPhone X:
iOS on iPad:

Link to my wallpaper:

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How to fix Screen Time error on iOS 12


35 Replies to “How to fix Screen Time error on iOS 12”

  1. Amanda Rae

    Why the F won't it allow me to set it to the times I want to set it to? The little time dial keeps putting it to whatever it wants to put it on and won't allow me to select the time I choose.

  2. Jeroen van der Linden

    I have a different issue, it doesnt seem to update my screentime? It says how screentime will be visualized as soon as you start using your phone but i have had the update for a while and it still hasnt registered any minutes

  3. Lobster Hands

    It shows different times on my phone than it does my moms. I have a limit of 30 minutes of social media a day and while it says I’ve used “8 minutes,” it tells her “15 minutes.” Is it just slower to update on mine?

  4. Chris

    I like Screen Time in theory, but why you can’t exclude Safari is beyond me.

    All I want to do is set limits on Social apps but it seems to bucket Safari in with that and there’s no way to add it to the exclusions list.

    Then you have the problem that if you’re on a web page and the Screen Time alert pops up, even if you hit ignore it bricks the web page. You can’t even scroll. You have to reload the page which sucks if you were typing.

    Right now Screen Time’s annoyances are outweighing it’s benefits for me.

  5. Eric Catlin

    I wish I’ve seen this earlier. I got it to work by restoring all settings and sign back in to everything…WiFi, wallets…etc
    Good to know going forward.

  6. Jeremy Mills

    I am actually the main person on my family iCloud account which means I am considered the parent I guess lol but all my stuff is still restricted.. I cannot use safari or google

  7. AndrewTheRussian

    When I try and use screen time the content and privacy part, I try and disable some apps for my child but it doesn't work? When I press in allowed apps, the safari button to disable or enable it, it doesn't take the app away or give it back. Neither does any of the other apps either, or really any of the settings in that area.

  8. Cristiano Caiado De Acioli

    I researched a lot, formatted dozen of times my iPhone X, finally I found your video. Finally it was safe to say my Screen Time wasn't working because of the iCloud family sharing, it was crashing all the time, from the start up. When I finally fixed Screen Time, by logging off my iCloud account I was able to use Screen Time, but I could not log back any iCloud account anymore. The solution I found was temporary disable family sharing… Now everything is working fine. Thank you for the video.

  9. Jaeeun Ban

    Hey thanks for the video. I have same problem like you. I stopped sharing with family member and i couldnt use any features of screentime… but my parents said im still conneted as family members. Could you let me know in detail how the parents should set up in order to let me use screentime again??

  10. somesh singh

    Hey I need your help. I have updated iOS 12 beta on iPhone 7 without backing up. But now my camera app is not showing anywhere. Kindly guide me how to fix it or how to downgrade to iOS 11.4 without loosing my data.

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