49 Replies to “How To Fix STUCK AT APPLE LOGO ENDLESS REBOOT Trick iOS 12 iPhone, iPod & iPad”

  1. king love

    Fuck apple. I never had this when using Android. I switched to Apple boom phone freezes , camera freezes, phone keeps restarting, when battery is 20% and below, freezing increases to 80%

  2. turv fire

    yo everything went great until I had to click the power button one last time and it kept doing it. What to do please. I have a iPhone XS Max?

  3. UnluckyCord

    I am trying to do it for an iPhone 6s, it's on the charger because the battery is dead and it's in the boot loop, I tried to do the hard restart method but it doesn't seem to work. Any tips?

  4. Aziz Ham

    My phone is stuck on straight apple logo it’s not flicking or anything. Turns off when I force it and then turns back on after a lil while. Help

  5. Hugo Henriquez

    Need help, my jailbreak would come undone every morning, so I had the unc0ver app to jailbreak it again, usually it will give me a few errors and than work, but for some reason today it wasn't working all so I put my phone in my pocket and was heading to school and when I took it out of my pocket it was in the loop and I've been trying everything and I don't want to restore and update because I'll lose the jailbreak and it takes quite a while to get a jailbreak on the latest firmware, help.

  6. NaiRose

    Sooo I’m about to brag a little bit. ….. my husband is the tech guy of the family and couldn’t figure this out. Like I was stuck for a good 30 minutes. I watched the first video I found ( this one ) and fixed the problem in 2 seconds. I’m a genius. Well you are. But you get the point. Thanks. I’ll subscribe now.

  7. MythicalCrystal

    This didn't work for me. I don't have a macbook so I can't go on iTunes actually I don't even have itunes. This isn't really fair because I use my iPad for my animations and drawings and I can't do anything…

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