How to Get the Android Oreo Launcher

Google just announced their new Android version called Oreo this past week and, as promised, have begun pushing the new update out to Pixel and Nexus devices.

If you don’t have one of those devices though, there’s no telling when you’ll be getting the new Android 8.0 update, unfortunately, but thanks to some crafty developers, you can try out the new launcher (and no, no root is required).

Reddit user AmirZ and another developer DeleteScape, managed to get the new Pixel launcher to work on other Android devices that aren’t able to download it from the Play Store and, surprisingly, it’s super easy to install the new launcher using a packaged APK file.

Here’s how to get the Android Oreo Launcher on any Android phone.


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48 Replies to “How to Get the Android Oreo Launcher”

  1. manohar revanth

    In your youTube video, you have shown launcher with 5 icons on home screen and you have designed launcher can capable of fit only 4 icons… this is what i really don't like…. Android dot notification is superb. A big thumbs up for that…:)

  2. Subhojit Xavier Dey

    Thank you so much ! I am using Samsung galaxy j7 2016 . After applying Material design theme from theme store and downloading Lancher3 … my phone looks like 95% pixel . It's working fine on my device running Android 7.0 No Crashes so far has been a week now and thanks a lot was looking for such a launcher for a long time ! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Dr Ayush

    does this launcher work on nexus 5 running on 6.0.1 marshmallow … please tell soon .. i downloaded this but it says app not installed

  4. Janet Mcbee

    Well Thank Yooooou for your video!
    I should watch All of your Very informative videos on your Channel.
    The greatest ( well, for me ) about your channel, is,,,, you are very easy to follow. Also, I Have always insisted, with anyone, to talk tech terminology to me, when trying to,
    teach/inform me of something Of Now , or new.
    Otherwise, I knew I wouldn't have been able to follow you with very helpful info.. I'm due for a new phone. The phone I have now, (which has treated me good), is a ZTE Max X plus987.
    *My question for you, is,,,,
    * Should I buy the newest version of the ZTE.??? *
    Hope You Have time to respond. !
    Thank You for your Channel!!!
    ♡have a good one!♡

  5. Hector

    Thanks for having one the most subtle YouTube intro videos and for not stating your name on every video like other YouTubers.

  6. MyPictures

    Its not needed to clear the default before uninstalling it, you can just uninstall and the apps defaults will be cleared together with the uninstallation.

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