How to hack your Apple Watch to use it with your Android phone [iMore]

Dogs and cats living together? Better: Mr. Mobile and Serenity collaborated to see if the new Apple Watch Series 3 could work with an Android phone. Spoiler: It can, but it’s hacky.

Read more about our experiment:


39 Replies to “How to hack your Apple Watch to use it with your Android phone [iMore]”

  1. SpaceGuy90

    I just got an Android and I still have my old iPhone 6s and my Apple watch series 4. I want to try this but dont know if it will work. Has it worked with anybody else?

  2. Sven Wiese

    This is just clickbait and nothing else. As already pointed out by others, there’s absolutely no link between the Apple Watch and Samsung phone, whatsoever. Two separate devices, two separate sims, using the same phone number. What a magic.

    The argument “it’s technically ‘using’ the watch with an android” is stupid as well. I have a fork in my hand for eating something while the Android in the other. Hey, I use a fork with my Android. Great!

    Stop bullsh*ting people with clickbaits and do some quality content.

  3. Paul Vu

    you can bypass the wiffi restriction by firt when the sim is inside the iphone conned the iphone to the android hotspot (if u have one).This will cause the appke watch to pair to ur android hotspot

  4. Alex Vivi

    hi i'm an iphone 6 and a huawei p20 pro … as my iphone is a bit broken i prefer to use Huawei p20pro. can I use this phone with my apple watch for calls notification messages, but without losing my fitness and health activities on iphone? … ie when I will do this operation will continue to save my activities?

  5. Moses Shuldiner

    Super cool! All the naysayers agreed it couldn't be done and hacky or not, you did it! Agreed that it is a dsyfunctional relationship (IOS to Android), but you have taken a giant step for geekkind!!! It sticks in my craw that a MegaCorp tells me what I can and cannot do with a legally purchased device.

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