How To Improve iOS 9 Battery Life – iPhone, iPad & iPod Tips

Substantially Improve Battery Life on iOS 9. For iPhone 6, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, iPad & iPod Touch. Every Single Battery Saving Tip Out There!

42 Replies to “How To Improve iOS 9 Battery Life – iPhone, iPad & iPod Tips”

  1. RustyHornzMusic

    This was the most in depth instructional video I have seen so far about saving battery life, although I have an older model. Others were half ass. I was shown a fraction of what you covered. I guess those dudes knew hardly anything about the iPod. Thanx bro, I will see how this improves my battery.

  2. Sayori The Suicidal

    I have a iPhone 5C and I have a problem where I'm on low power mode 24/7 , even passed 80% and hearing "up to 40%" stopping CPU usage, makes me feel like I'm using a iPhone 4…

  3. Kujaey McAvoy

    Hye ! I use iphone 6. There is no problem for my battery. However I always annoyed bcoz if i didnt use my iphone, the battery is still draining. I have changed a new battery but same things happen again and again. I dont have any money left. Im sure its not the battery that broken, its the phone. Can u tell me whats the problem with my iphone 6 ??? ??

  4. may vo

    Make a video that 100% teach me how to play any PC AND playstation games PLEASE and also if anyone know how to do it enlighten me sorry i'm still learning english by the way is anyone know how to update from iOS 9.3.5 to iOS 10-11 For free ?.Oh! And one more thing i like CRAZY to get Cydia

  5. JP Hamiladan

    How will I notice if my iPad mini 2 is drain?Because my friends told me,Apple drain so fast,also if you turn the brightness into full.That's why,I'm confused?

  6. Stephanie Agurs

    Can you show me how to do it on the iPod touch you show how to get to it show how to do it the iPod touch because I went to battery I didn't see it when I looked

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