How to install AquariOS Android Oreo 8.1.0 on LG G6 (H870, H872, US997) [Tutorial]

(Jump to 03:57 for installation instructions)
In today’s tutorial you’ll find out how to install AquariOS Android Oreo 8.1.0 on your LG G6 H870, H872 or US997, and see a preview of its features. The device shown in the video is the H870 version.
To check FEATURES, BUGS and find DOWNLOAD links, please head overe here: (XDA developers forum thread):

Credit goes to the developers.

You will need unlocked bootloader and TWRP recovery installed.


Remember: anything you do to your phone or on your phone is your own responsibility. 😉


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18 Replies to “How to install AquariOS Android Oreo 8.1.0 on LG G6 (H870, H872, US997) [Tutorial]”

  1. CamsDroid

    Some bugs you may expect (as of 8 October 2018): Black screen appearing after unlock when using Always On Display; Bluetooth calling doesn't sound right to caller on other end; VoLTE and WiFi calling doesn't work; 4K video recording doesn't work; Some music players don't play out of phone speaker (headphone jack and Bluetooth work fine).

  2. David

    Hello i found this rom very interesting, one thing im having a problem is for the downgrade part…I tried flashing a nougat rom and then formatting and then flashing this rom but still i cant manage to get the fingerprint to work. I tried searching on the internet but i only get morw confused. Hope you can help me, thank you

  3. Milan Mladenovic

    First of all, thanks for the video. I have lg g6 stock rooted. I'm trying to make nandroid backup with twrp, but it always gets error faild to mount data. How to fix it?

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