How to install Google Play on Honor 8x Max and others

The new Honor 8X Max doesn’t come with Google Play pre-installed but fear not. I have found a way to install fully working Google Play Store and services so sit back and enjoy this tutorial.

This method works on most Huawei and Honor devices with Chinese roms and probably on some other phones, won’t hurt if you give it a go.

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48 Replies to “How to install Google Play on Honor 8x Max and others”

  1. DRAGFLY 74

    Doesn't work on my 8x Max…..???☹️☹️
    Il did everything rightly ….
    Installation is ok..but it's not working good….
    .google store doesn't open, YouTube not work,and ask me to update Google Play…..??
    Google photo ask me to update…. ??
    Please, need some help…

  2. Leaving Markx

    I have Honor Play 8A 64GB version. I followed these steps but my Play Store force closes when I open it. Please help. GMS installers don't work as when I run them, the apps don't install. HEEEEELPPP

  3. Noémi Mayer-Kemény

    Dera @VoloKin Project – Unfortunately when I tried to install GMSanzhuangqi.apk I got only 2 options…
    2. CANCEL

    On video, you have an INSTALL ANYWAY… !!! I haven't…. How can I install this?

  4. Tristan Leach

    has anyone got the problem of the install option not being there? I get the message saying "this app may harm your operating system, please see the Hauwei store" but the install option is not there 🙁 Its driving me mad I don't want to root and install a new ROM

  5. Dr.Sabine Sonnenschein

    Das Video lädt die Google Services et cetera über den vorinstallierten Browser, gerade dies Herunterladen war bei mir nicht möglich, die beiden Pakete wurden nicht gefunden bzw. nur über Drittanbieter angeboten. Ich bin schließlich anders vorgegangen.

    vielleicht ein Tipp für andere:

    über App Galerie File Manager installieren

    in Systemeinstellungen USB Debugging zulassen (Entwickleroptionen, siebenmal auf Built-Nr. bei "Über das Telefon" drücken)

    bei XDA- Developers GSM ZIP Paket und Google play store.apk runtergeladen

    per USB Kabel auf SD Karte übertragen und von da aus gestartet

    Installation problemlos ,klappt jetzt – ich war schon kurz vor der Rückgabe des Mobiltelefons!!!!!!!!!

  6. Gazz Matazz

    it bricked my phone i will have to get some help from some shop and get it reset or somethings thanks for your help with this, or just let a truck run over it

  7. Frederic Gaviola

    Hi sir, I ordered a honor 8c the phone is packed with Google playstore but when I try to open it it's not loading. I tried clearing all cache and data both playstore and Google services but same.

  8. Anas Bru

    it stops at the google contacts synchronization. I have mate 20 X, it says my phone has a newer version and it asks me to uninstall it but I cant find it anywhere. Please advise what to do

  9. Raimo kristian

    Ragazzo, ti meriti una settimana di cene pagate a casa mia, in Italia.
    Hai salvato un giovane Honor 8C Oreo- made in cina – dal lancio dalla finestra!
    I mixed some of your tips with a bit of reboots and lots of luck and … Ualà, playstore & co. working!
    Technically I love you

  10. ric fin

    Hi! I tried on the same way on honor 10lite but the security check doesn't allow me to install the gms apk!! Any suggestion? Basically there no way to confirm and install anyway

  11. Myles Dent

    I followed the video step by step but for some reason the GMSinstaller won't install, the only option it has for me is search app gallery and cancel. I really need help

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