How To Make a TRAVEL VIDEO – 10 Tips you need to know

With your trip just ahead, it’s time to learn how to make a travel video with any camera. These are my top 10 tips to making a cinematic and engaging travel video of your upcoming adventures.

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-What camera and equipment do you use?

Nov, 2017

41 Replies to “How To Make a TRAVEL VIDEO – 10 Tips you need to know”

  1. jamespat1982

    question.. complete
    Noobie, I’m hoping you can give me an answer. I’m wanting to make travel videos, not as a pro just a regular guy trying to make his own kick ass travel videos. I travel a lot and have made some basic go pro vids but i wanna step it up a bit with my go pro, should i take course or just follow YouTube footage?

  2. Mr.Sunshine

    Great advice! I've been working on a project of a vacation I took last year. Bought a selfie stick and wide angle lens for my samsung s8 (to vlog). Noticed a lot of blur and focusing issues with the wide angle lens. But never reviewed my footage at the time. I might pick up a gimbal to help with stabilization.

  3. The Bad Artist

    EDIT : Wow man so much research and more work gone in to making this awesome video. loved it. liked and subscribed.
    perfect. beautifully made and explained. what more can i say? amazing! thanks.

  4. Transit Nomads

    thanks for sharing the useful tips. I have recently started a travel vlog and ur advice really helped me to make changes and get better results in my video. i liked the way you explained everything, it was very easy to understand and implement.

  5. David Losongco

    Thank you brada for the tips, I travel throughout Micronesia for work and trying to get into blogging. So much beauty in da islands that most don’t know about! We’re missed so much out here.

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