How To Remove Scratches On iPhone X, Xs or Xs Max?

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How to easy and cheap remove scratches on stainless steel sides of iPhone X series, iPhone Xs, or iPhone Xs Max
Beside is your phone in case and protected from first day, you can see smal hairy scratches in just a few months from new phone. Sides of stainless steel is very responsive beside you protect your phone, you will have scratches, and be prepared for that. In this video you can get rid of them all alone (DIY) in your home fer realy small price


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8 Replies to “How To Remove Scratches On iPhone X, Xs or Xs Max?”

  1. Brennan X Bones

    I sold my X not too long ago for almost retail price because of this. I take good care of my phones and I always had a case on it but since the cases have cut outs the bottom of my phone was extremely scratched. I did this and it looked brand new so I got $800 for it on Offer Up.

  2. V V

    I have a iPhone XR in jet black and I have a little scratch at the left corner and you can see it because it is a white scratch can I get rid of it?

  3. Andrew Allen

    Cape Cod polishing cloths work super well and are about $5. It only works for the silver ones since if you have gold or black iPhone X/XS it will start to remove the colored coating on the stainless steel

  4. Darcel Hill

    I feel like it’s a rip off to be paying all this extra money just be polishing off the sides of the phone so it can look nice. You might as well buy a iPhone XR but be careful of the camera tho cause it’s saturated as hell

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