How to solve Mobile Data Drain issues in Tamil |Android Tips And Tricks || Box Tamil

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Link 👉 Follow the instructions I’m saying you can be easily solved mobile data drain problems…

App link :dattaly

1. Always clean background running Apps

2.Dont use 3rd party Applications and turn off notifications

3. Particular fast internet area … change 3g network

4. Use dattaly app and turn on data save mode

5. Save your internet on emergency Bank option in dattaly

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40 Replies to “How to solve Mobile Data Drain issues in Tamil |Android Tips And Tricks || Box Tamil”

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  2. Maryshruthi Johnsekar

    Bro na jio sim use panra. Ana date ah avlavo use pannurathu illa ana enaku vedio pakum pothu lod akuthu. Athu ethunala nu soiliringala plz…jio 1 day ku 2gb date bro. Ana na use panrathu illa. Ethanala nu solunga plz.

  3. Harismita Natarajan

    Bro ennaoda mobile la ennoda data use panra appo correct ah dhan irrukku… Ana na vara mobile la irrundhu hotspot kettu commect panna avagalulku udaney data over agidudhu.. Adhu edhunala nu konjam sollunga bro!! Aprm adha epdi solve panradhunu plzz sollunga bro!!!! Plzzz

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