How to speed up iOS 12! (iPhone, iPad, & iPod!)

iOS 12 brought a lot of performance improvements, but on older devices it can still feel a little bit slow. So let’s go over some quick methods to speed things up on your iPhone, iPad or iPod!
iOS 12- one month later:

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23 Replies to “How to speed up iOS 12! (iPhone, iPad, & iPod!)”

  1. OfficiAL

    Thank you so much for this tutorial! I kind of needed this for my iPhone and I think I’ve clicked on the right video. Keep it up bru! ?

  2. Random Stuff

    I was very lucky today! I bought a used IPod Touch and it said in the description that it was a fifth generation and I didn’t care very much because I will only use it for music but when it arrived it appeared to be an IPod Touch 6th generation! This IPod is still supported so I was very happy when I found it was a 6th gen
    Edit: I got it for 45€

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