How to spot Fake iPhone XS Max — Fake VS Real iPhone XS Max

my brother purchased a fake iphone xs max for $800, watch this video to avoid getting scammed.

in this video you’ll learn how to tell the difference between fake and real iphone not only xs max but also this helps you spot fake iphone 8, iphone 8 plus, iphone x, xs, xs max, xr, 11, iphone 11 pro, iphone 11 pro max.

watch this video if you have any of these questions in mind before buying an iphone:

how to know if the phone you’re buying is fake or real
how to avoid buying a clone phone
how to tell the difference between fake and original iphone
what are the differences between real and fake iphones
how to avoid getting scammed on craigslist, offer up, or facebook marketplace
what should i check before buying an iphone
how to not buy a fake iphone

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43 Replies to “How to spot Fake iPhone XS Max — Fake VS Real iPhone XS Max”

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  2. Mpho Mogadime

    So if you have a pink-ish one does it mean it is definitely fake? I'm trying to return a similar pinkish iPhone. But the thing is, it works just fine (I'm new to iPhones so I'm not an expert at spotting fakes).. so I'm not sure if it's legit or if it's a really good fake.


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  4. Lotus L

    3:42 the settings on the real phone the settings title is in the middle and is normal size font but on the fake one the font is big and more towards the left side, does that matter?

  5. Ahmed Nor

    Most countries In Africa u buy a phone wich is not even warranted. once u buy that's it, u can't return it and ofcourse no chance to check all these spots.

  6. Stephanie Bailey

    Omg thanks for this video I'm suppose to buy a iphone XS max.. Tomorrow and I ask the person to send me a pic so I can see the phone and from I see it I know it's fake.. And me say am going over to YouTube to watch a video.. And it is really a fake phone. Thanks for this video

  7. Lilly-mae Lawton

    I feel like mine may be fake cause the camera is really zoomed in ( the front one ) compared to my sisters 11 and my old 7+ and my notifications don’t come through when they sent they can take up to hours to show up at the top of the screen

  8. Sub To PishyWishy

    Freaked out at the start because the colour of my phone looks more similar to the fake but all of the software like Face ID the smoothness of opening applications are all exactly like the real one ……phew

  9. syeda sultana

    Thanks ur video really helped me.. i was taking i phone today after watching ur video i find out the phone which i was taking is fake.. thank god! And thanks to u..

  10. Tayyab ul Hassan

    but dear i bought a xs and this color is pinkish gold and i compare your real phone and my phone is matched with your real phone so please tell me how i can identify this my phone is real r fake

  11. Briana Jackson

    I’m buying the Xs Max from someone on letgo today for $460. Hopefully it’s real. I’ve been binge watching videos all day trying to become an expert 🤣

  12. junley pick

    I brought am iphone xs max..the face id thesame but when you go to other option only yahoo..websites…and the live photo it's not working..

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