HOW to SWITCH from iOS to Android

Easy way to switch from iOS to Android with Phone Clone from Huawei. 2 More ways showing a backup and drive alternative.
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41 Replies to “HOW to SWITCH from iOS to Android”

  1. Khan

    What if i lost my ios and buy new android phone but want to get my my all data is their any possible way to get my all data from ios without using ios devices


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  4. Commodorefan64

    Glad Huawei worked for you, but I'm more of a Moto G series fan, and just make sure to backup my data onto an external 2TB USB 3.0 HDD I can plug into any of my computers, and then transfer my data back onto my MicroSD card if something goes wrong with it, which is why I like having removable storage options in my phones, and could never bring myself to ever using an iPhone.

  5. shesmah1

    Is there a way to transfer the music from an iPhone to an Android device?

    Because that is the only thing making me stay as an iPhone user

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