How To Track Android Phone Location Using Android Device Manager

How To Track Android Phone Location? – If you want to track location of your Android phone then follow this video.

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You need to follow these Steps:

#1: Go to and type “android device manager.”

#2: Click on “Android Device Manager- Google.”

#3: Login to your Gmail account and password that is associated with your device.

#4: Click on Triangle arrow button to select your device.

#5: After few seconds, android device manager will show your exact location of your Android phone.

Note: If #location is not enabled on the phone, then #Android device manager won’t give you the current exact location of your phone.

#6: It will show you last located time, address and last online date.

– Now you have three different options are available.

1. Ring: If you want to start to ring on your phone, then click on ring option, your device will ring for 5 minutes at high volume.

2. Lock: Click on lock option to lock a phone with a password. You can put your phone number there so that if any right person finds your phone, he/she can contact you.

3. Erase: Click on erase option to factory reset your phone that will remove internal storage data. But It will not remove SD card data.

Steps to know location history of the device.

#1: Go to

#2: Select day, month and year.

#3: It will show you all locations of a particular day.

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If you face any problem in tracking your android phone location using this method, then leave a comment below and let me know. I’ll be happy to assist you.

11 Replies to “How To Track Android Phone Location Using Android Device Manager”

  1. Fionn Zima

    Hello Sir, I have a project on android studio and my application is same with this and my time is running up so i really need your help if anyone here please help me for my thesis. Android developers please 🙁

  2. John lee

    You can easily locate your Android phone when it is online, and its GPS is enabled. If your smartphone is in offline mode or its GPS is turned OFF, then you will receive a notification that 'Your device’s location access is turned off.' However, you can still use the 'Lock and Erase or Ring feature'to wipe the data stored in it.

    Alternatively, you can also use Comodo's Android Device Manager ( )to track your phone. It helps you locate your android phone and if needed, remotely lock or wipe it if you happen to lose it, or it gets stolen by someone.

  3. ZeRoM

    I lost my device yesterday . Then I give the command to the phone for Erase before that the device was switched off.
    If he Switch on the mobile will it get Wiped

  4. Seraj Alwani

    guys i though my phone was stolen so i locked it with android device manager but now i found it and how do i unlock PLEASE ITS A NEW PHONE AND MY DAD IS SCREAMING AT ME

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