How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android

Learn how to transfer contacts from your iPhone to an Android smart phone with this video tutorial. We’ll show you the easiest and safest way to move your contacts from iPhone to Android.

Make sure your contacts are synced to iCloud. Go to in your computer’s web browser and sign in. Go to your contacts list. Select all contacts. Click the gear icon, then select Export vCard. Go to and sign in to the Google account you use on your Android. Click Import. Click Choose File. Find the vCard file in your Downloads folder and click Open. Click the Import button. Wait a few minutes for your contacts to sync, then open the Contacts app on your Android to see all your iPhone contacts on your new device.

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33 Replies to “How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android”

  1. Raviance Cotton

    Thank You I called Apple they did not help at all I looked at other videos and looked on-line and evverything your video is the only video that helps. I really wish Apple go out of businees these phones are so dumb. I always find a apple on sale that is why I buy but its too stressful trying to do small shit like transfer contacts and download a damn ringtone

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