How to update any Android Phone/Device to latest version.

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Custom recovery and root:

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    I have a old phone the samsung galaxy s5 and are you sure there will be nothing wrong iff i do it? Does it have virus? Wil it make my phone error?

  2. L A

    This site can’t be reached’s server DNS address could not be found.

  3. sanic b00m

    As you can see, i updated my phone by myself and now that annoying notification is gone after i updated, i will have the latest update to download modern version apps on google play store. ?

  4. justliketolook

    When you watched the video and saw the words on the phone were out of focus , why didn't you redo the video instead of just posting it ? I can't tell what you were clicking on . Will you make another one and make sure every thing is in focus before you post it . And if its possible have someone that speaks English explain what your doing so we can under stand whats being said . Your talking way to fast. But great video . If you make a new one will you put a link in a reply to me so I will see it . It sounds like you know what your doing I just can't follow along .

  5. Mathew John

    How can i fix my Google Nexus 5 mobile update issue. after the mobile update, it is asking the password. but the issue is same area (password) on the screen another app window popup and displayed ( google- tap to talk), so it is clashing together and stuck there and i cant give the password and not opening the tap to talk window also. but other than emergency call, or switch off, display screen, everything is working properly. thank you guys advance

  6. Venom Symbol

    Everyone if I upgraded that in my device will bigger games in mobile that needs high Android version like injustice game in android mobile you know…… Those games will work in my device if I upgraded it with that wireless update? Or no? Anyone please answer my question and I will really appreciate that.

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