How to use Apple iOS 12 'Screen Time' for parents

Parents who want control over how much time their kids are spending on the iPad should consider iOS12’s new “Screen Time” feature. The Post’s Geoffrey A. Fowler takes you through it. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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24 Replies to “How to use Apple iOS 12 'Screen Time' for parents”

  1. Bloxburg Builder

    Why do they make this whole process so freaking complicated? I understand that some people will say it’s easy, but WTF I’ve been sitting here for 1 hour trying to figure this crap out and this tutorial did ZERO good for me… oh well.

  2. Mike

    i want to use this for myself, but all you have to do is hit "ignore' when your time is up,,,, any way to remove that option and actually have it lock you out for the time scheduled?

  3. Techytech

    You don’t have set the screen-time on the device itself. You can use the parental device to set the time limits. Also you can only set limits for individual apps once it appears in the graph.

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