HTC EXODUS 1 | Teaser Video

The HTC Exodus is the first phone, which uses dedicated hardware to increase security for the use of decentralized networks like Bitcoin or Ethereum while offering the same level of convenience as classical mobile wallets.

Let your data go – Rebuilding the Internet:
We believe we can rebuild the Internet together by empowering the people to own their own identities, personal data and assets.

Owning Your Own Keys:
Why have someone hold your keys when you have the secure enclave.

Security Architected: We take your crypto assets seriously.
Key Management API: Pushing security with trusted partners.

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Check out the EXODUS Phone

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Rebuilding trust, one phone at a time

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  1. Edward Thompson

    I want one but I'm afraid to spend the money if another version is right around the corner. Any vague idea if I should wait a few more months or go ahead and take the plunge? I can only afford a phone once every 2 years.

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