8 Replies to “HTC Exodus 1 – Unboxing”

  1. Greenred Shack

    Oh my god awesome smartphone!!! How can it be that all mobile companies are not doing this !!!!! Smartphones with integrated hardware wallets and full-nodes, it's a beast! In fact, this could easily integrate a non-custodial DEX exchange if it makes use of the system offered by the company Arwen: when you put funds on the exchange they are simply frozen in your wallet, without being withdrawn from there, you exchange your assets in the worldwide app, you do all the trading you want without paying transfer fees like gas, and when you unfreeze the assets to make use of them, then the corresponding transaction fee is paid, but not those that increased their funds but only those that lost funds (they must pay to network fee of their lost the crypto assest): a super-decentralized exchange and integrated into the smartphone. Even better? Cross-chain lightning network for that DEX. The company doing such a thing would be filled with money, and adoption would be exponential. They could even provide services, apps and merchandising from payments in crypto, like stablecoins. Either way, I want this phone urgently !!! And completely beautiful its back design.

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