HTC Exodus One Unboxing

Unboxing of the HTC Exodus One. This is meant to give those who are interested a more in depth look at the contents of the HTC Exodus. If you feel like making a crypto donation the address is listed here. Thank you!
ETH: 0xe76020761Df77Dd8f270694cE7De0136Da8a6799
LTC: MUV19Qeg8qyjoLY4F6yJJi6BnwSB1MA5BY
BCH: qrk02vcayzmtrt78s6t5tcnmypfupne73cm7tur98g

22 Replies to “HTC Exodus One Unboxing”

  1. Irish

    As an owner of the previous HTC M7 One it is so frustrating to see this brand struggling so much financially, and don't get me started on the disappointment when they stopped it's production. I'm considering this one but it's a 6" device with only 3500mha

  2. SzY YzR

    Im big fan of HTC since Sensation till 10 but after M7 they forgot to make better case. This phone looks like Chinese phones. I can say 10 is my last HTC phone in my life HTC 👎

  3. King Dale I

    Hi please I need your help. I got a contact in usa who asked me to invest money for bitcoin mining bland claims I will get paid 30% of my capital daily for 30 days. Is this offer realistic? Pls help me out

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