HTC Exodus, World's First "Crypto Phone"

In the web 2.0 era, our personal data is owned and controlled by big corporations. The web 3.0 paradigm’s goal is to turn that around by empowering users to own their own data. The EXODUS 1 is the first native web 3.0 mobile device. This same architecture also secures your crypto assets.

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8 Replies to “HTC Exodus, World's First "Crypto Phone"”

  1. Buentaste

    ​ Bitcoin Out Loud Remember Huawei? well banned in USA. Lot or fake items comes from China. Remember the fake rice grains made of plastic, remember the fake formula milk for children, fake silver AE and on and on The list is endless. Being almost 1.2 b does NOT HELP to the human character ˆ∆∆ honesty…

  2. Jonathan Silverblood

    Having the keys in an isolated hardware component makes a lot of sense, until you start looking into disaster recovery. Being unable to make a physical backup (like an NFC card, or 12 words) has some serious drawbacks. For this, the social recovery tool was introduced but that to me looks like a solution begging for abuse – it is much more likely to have people in your social circles betray you if they are somehow in control of your money, particulary if you are rich, than if they are not.

    I would not want to subject my friends and family to that temptation and instead feel that the best backup tools are those which you can handle entirely privately, by yourself, without any 3rd party required.

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