HTC U12+ 3 Month Review | The Forgotten Flagships | NO UPDATES, HIGH PRICE

HTC U12+ 3 Month Review | The Forgotten Flagships | NO UPDATES, HIGH PRICE
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40 Replies to “HTC U12+ 3 Month Review | The Forgotten Flagships | NO UPDATES, HIGH PRICE”

  1. jason brown

    HTC should just focus on hardware, which is their strong suit, and let Google handle software with Android One. Then they may have a fighting chance if they undercut competitors in price. And if they are going to sell in the States, put in all the bands. This is the only issue with Nokia at the moment is the lack of US bands. Things could get interesting if more companies go this route.

  2. Casanova Jackson

    2 call me HTC brand loyal was An understatement, But I feel like they messed up when they took their phones out of the stores, that caused loyal fans like myself 2 go elsewhere & the worse thing they could've done was let me discover the galaxy s9 sad 2 Even with the stupid Bixby button I'll probably never go back , and if I do they have their work cut out for them can't go back 2 Bezels they lost good 1

  3. minimaxxi

    I have sold my Samsung Galaxy s9 and has bought a pocophone f1. So now i am not satisfied about the camera. Should i buy the u12+ the battery of the Poco f1 is sooo good ..

  4. Stefan Modigh

    Ben a fan of HTC but I couldn't afford them in the beginning. But really like HTC sense not to mention thier usb cables. I don't know about you guys but I've never had to replace thier usb cable. I've had my M10 for about two years and that usb cable that came with it doesn't show any signs of wear. I've been jaming it in my bag, my pockets, pulling it out. My brother's family has iPhones and I've been buying them new new usb cables for thier birthdays like for four years.

  5. skr svs

    I've been using HTC phones since HTC Magic. and never changed my brand. HTC magic, HTC desire HD, HTC Sensation XE, HTC one M7, HTC 10. and this moronic u12 suppose to be in stores for 4 months and still cant find it, main agency doesnt even know when it will be on sale, SAMSUNG S10 will be out soon and we are still waiting for this phone? I am sorry HTC . time to say good bye to you. I am gonna buy SAMSUNG S10 when it will come out.

  6. Gabriel Ignacio

    At this point, HTC needs to develop at least one or two standout features their devices will offer that others don't. Samsung has their "everything and the kitchen sink" all-rounder approach, LG has their trademark usage of wide angle cameras and ESS Sabre hi-fi dedicated DACs for their G series and V series, the latter also having built in manual controls for video, Google has their software image processing that makes their otherwise run of the mill camera take some astonishingly great stills, etc. A consumer should be able to ask themselves and others "What can this X device from HTC do that others phones can't do or can't do as well?" and get a firm answer. If the Taiwanese former giant can nail that issue right on the head and get it fixed, there's a chance HTC can become a household name again.

  7. noiseless123

    This HTC is pretty damn good but the question is WHY would you choose it over Samsung for example, when the S9 Plus/s9 are the same price or less and they are just better phones?

  8. Neil Prasad

    They made the U11 so good I don't want to upgrade to the U12+. I'm sure this one is nothing short of spectacular. I don't know what brand I'll buy if HTC ever goes away.

  9. Naif

    I just got this phone, I keep getting pop up adds on my home screen and everywhere else really, any idea how to stop them?

  10. Brian Johnson

    I have grown up with HTC phones and devices. I have been a supporter of HTC for years but with no Sprint support in the U.S. , high prices and lack of tech, and a repeal of HTC's updates policy, I had to make a tough choice. compared to other flagships in the industry it was clear to me HTC as a company was not making the best decisions for themselves or the faithful customer base. #TeamPixel

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