HTC U12 Life Hands-on: Last Chance At Life

Read the full post: | The HTC U12 Life proves that while HTC might be down, it’s far from out, redesigning the entire Life recipe in its latest iteration. Some questionable decisions have been fixed while some new ones have been made in their place. This is the HTC U12 Life hands-on from IFA 2018.

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41 Replies to “HTC U12 Life Hands-on: Last Chance At Life”

  1. Mark Bozek

    Will this phone work in the US if it is unlocked. I have e T Mobile. I know there is no release for this in the USA so that is why I am asking. Also will the charger for the phone work in USA.

  2. Publicglutton

    A bit of a harsh critique, this has a really good design, great battery saving hardware, decent cameras, NO NOTCH, a headphone jack. A pretty good mid-ranger with the added bonus of it being an HTC, it's also only £269.10 on HTC Club which is free .
    If Youtube tech's had supported HTC instead of this incessant criticizing they may have stood a better chance of survival.

  3. Sultan Ibra

    Crap mobile charging issuse doesnot charge fast drain fast very fast mirriring with tv is Awful get too hot .only reason i bought it its does not get damage in any way possible also horrible cam dooooont buy

  4. IamJersy

    The problem with htc is customer support… No updates, they dont listen to their customers. We need the "one" design. Its unique and cool. Now it looks like they dont have their own identity. Which is sad.

  5. BeforeTheForever 97

    HTC U11 still going strong, albeit a cracked screen. Still works fine. But if this is all HTC are churning out these days… There are some VERY nice Android phones out there, however even when I pick up a Samsung Note 9 I'm still DISAPPOINTED (10 years on Android and mainly HTC) Hopefully Android P will shake my experience. If NOT, I'm going ?!!

  6. MrBlackenstein

    Here we go again… Copying design from iphone. But no-one will buy this phone anway! Good decision to bring 3.5 jack back, plus a really cool backside. Which is part of my problem. Bring us cool fronts instead! It's the front we look at a 100 times a day, that beautiful backside is always covered by a case! Stereo boomsound, cool front (speaker?) design, on-screen fingerprint sensor and more tools for camera/photo editing are things I would like to see from HTC.


    Htc…will..always…be..The..Best.. Company…Ever..No..matter..what……Days..just……is..facing..!..Htc…will..come..out…With..a..Banger…Soon..!

  8. Henry B

    Seriously htc, stop copying Apple so obviously. It looks exactly like an iPhone X on the back, if Apple went back to a horizontal camera system they would change too.

  9. Farid Amin

    Love quality&reliability love HTC. Htc phones are the best and most reliable phones on the planet earth. Love my htc u11 and it is super reliable that hasn't even given me a single problem in over a year not even a frozen screen or button.

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