HTC U12 Plus hands-on: four cameras, one phone

The HTC U12 Plus is the company’s flagship phone for 2018. It has all of the top 2018 trends, like a taller display, glass and metal design, and dual cameras. But it doesn’t stop there, as HTC has put two cameras on the back and the front this time. It is available for preorder starting May 23rd. Subscribe:

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41 Replies to “HTC U12 Plus hands-on: four cameras, one phone”

  1. Basher Coldogs

    I'm considering going back to HTC. So disappointed with the new Samsungs and Sonys who seem to be focussing more on trends than actually building a phone with any capability. No notches, no stupid tall screens, no cut outs. Just a solid functioning phone that's not fashionable?. I'm in!

  2. rstein926

    Unfortunately HTC is dead. I remember years ago HTC was once the biggest phone manufacturer outside Apple and fellow Android rivals Samsung. Nowadays Huawei has more or less taken over as Apple and Samsung's main competitor despite being banned in the USA. While not as popular Sony, LG and Pixel are the other three big names in the Android department.

  3. Timi Akinlonu

    PERIOD. One of the best flagships to date. If it had front facing speakers and a jack and price tag is $700 then it's easily the best phone right now along with S9

  4. KautiousNupe

    All that chin at the bottom and for some god awful reason the bottom speaker is still bottom firing. Why not put the speaker there, add in the headphone jack and revert back to the good ole days when HTC was know for there AWESOME audio. There's no longer a finger print scanner there so either put a speaker there, give us MORE screen or eff'ing get rid of it…SMH

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