HTC U12 Plus Hands-on: No notch and no physical buttons

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No notch, dual cameras, and dual speakers on a phone with literally no buttons. Give this phone a good squeeze – there’s a lot to like about the HTC U12 Plus.

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21 Replies to “HTC U12 Plus Hands-on: No notch and no physical buttons”

  1. Cristi Soare

    As an HTC U12 Plus owner I can say this is the best HTC yet and best in class along with all the other flagships excepting the Note 9 witch is a flagship + when it comes to productivity.Like the U11, the HTC U12 is the best overall smartphone and even if the price was "high" it settled fast.2018 had 5 real android flagships and the HTC is without any doubts and with all the arguments one of them.Pixel 3, HTC U12, Samsung 9 Plus, Huawei Mate 20 Pro and Lg V40.Some will scream that there is no android 9 yet but it will come and take notice on how many devices had problems when android 9 was ported "early". Personally I like user interface diversity and I like what Samsung did with the new U.I, I like what One Plus is doing with their UI and I am a fan of HTC Sense UI even if this implementations affects the release of the new system updates.Capacitive buttons never give me any problems and I really like them, the camera of the U12 is outstanding(I think slightly better is the video on Iphone XS and the Galaxy but the still shots are slightly better on the HTC), battery life is good (4.40 SOT in 24 hours and still got 30% battery) but not as good as P20 Pro or Mate 20 Pro witch are by far the best in class, charging time is quick and a lot quicker than Iphone on FC, the UI is super simple, super smooth and super customizable, the LCD 6 is much brighter than the reviewers say and it is fine in sun light but is not as good as S9 but still it is an excellent screen, the edge sense squizeeing is very useful for shortcuts and the tap to shrink the screen is also very good.I use the semitransparent blue and the looks and feel are very unique and distinctive without trying to be "too much".

  2. shinemooon

    before buying this phone go do some googling about those buttons on U12+, they're not as great as you think. Many tech reviews from the Verge, CNET, PC mag and Android Authority have reported that those buttons are a disaster and not well developed.

  3. Epic Ab

    Rip ROM Dev with that phone imagine testing a new kernel or even modifying build.prop one wrong move and poof Ur phone became a brick now throw it on Ur ex's head sigh why HTC hates devs that tinkers with the product they buy :/

  4. David Martrano

    Hardly Trying Company=HTC. The fake buttons truly suck. Plus the 3500mamp battery barely gets 3hrs SOT. Why isn't it selling? No marketing or carrier support here in the USA. How can you expect great sales when you can't get it in the hands of consumer's?

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