HTC U12 Plus One Week Review | Beauty Comes Translucent Blue | Performance, Cameras, Sound

The HTC U12 Plus is the company’s flagship phone for 2018. It has all of the top 2018 specs, 18:9 display, glass and metal design, and dual cameras.
HTC U12 Plus One Week Review | Beauty Comes Translucent Blue
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39 Replies to “HTC U12 Plus One Week Review | Beauty Comes Translucent Blue | Performance, Cameras, Sound”

  1. mysteelers2

    I'm HTC 4 life! Since the HTC Aria. These phones are built to last and the software never seems to slow down (still using HTC oneA9) right NOW and it's 2yrs old and still going tough. Keep those Samsung/Apple garbage that keep fooling y'all into buying a new phone every 6 months.. nope!

  2. Sigma

    Im proud owner of HTC U12 this is my daily driver and i have no issue what so ever, my optic bottons works fine effortlessly. Great review. Thanks for not taking about other devices in your review like other reviewers do.

  3. Nathan Gaertner

    It's the gimmicks they use lately is what hurting them I'm. The squeeze and "buttons". Just need to reset and start back with the M series style again. Badass sound, good screen, the camera and simple os they are known for is what they need again. Nothing extremely crazy

  4. Steven Antonelli

    Best and most accurate review of this phone to date great job man…..I had to return mine due to a yellow tone towards the bottom of the display but I had ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEM with those anti buttons….it's better than the Galaxy devices…great review though

  5. Joseph Lundine

    When you pulled out the head phones, my heart stopped! I couldn't breathe, I thought oh my God HTC brought back the head phone jack., I was like YES !!!! finally HTC is back, and then reality set in no headphone jack. screw HTC they are dying breed, they and LG both should stick to the low end to mid range phone area. I am sorry but HTC in my book at one point was pretty much untouchable, now their a joke.

  6. E Groelly

    I'm loving the star trek background ?.. Do you think you'll put that phone up against the new Poco phone ? I'd love to see a $300 dollar phone beat that HTC ?

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