29 Replies to “HTC U12 Plus review”

  1. Alex Mou

    Could you kindly re-review this phone since they updated their software for haptic feedback buttons? I am interested in the HTCu12+ and I value your reviews. Thank you!

  2. Rex Luminus

    HTC ! First you get a phone ready !!! Then release the bloody phone. Don't rush it out unfinished that's hurt your business. Don't you get it HTC ? Smarten up.
    When it's fixed that it's a great flagship phone.

  3. Jed Cutler

    This is a great phone. The buttons, which almost all reviewers complain about works well. Not sure what their problem is. You have to press it like a normal button, not just tap it. Even the double tap for one handed operation never failed for me. The rest is usual great from HTC. I'm just commenting on the pain points being raised 🙂

  4. Rex Luminus

    All ?phone manufacturers prematurely release products!!!
    Always need some late software updates! * Also they're way too expensive ! All these top phones worth only about $ 300.00 ?Max!
    They can't or won't make an overall great phones. Something always lacking. SMARTEN UP.

  5. karin keuork

    HTC should stop you of doing reviews for their phones
    This phone got 103 on DxOMark and you didn’t like it
    What is your phone? Let me guess! iPhone or Pixel?

  6. Chih-Wei Chien

    I think there is a point is pretty spetial but no one knows. The edge of front side glass mounts 90 degree into the metal frame. Even S9/S9+ doesn't have that kind of front glass. But this makes U12+ cost more because it's hard to manufacture.

  7. Naldy Diaz

    This wasn't a helpful review, lacked a lot and was definitely too short. On a side note: It's hilarious how no one criticizes Google for the Pixel 2's squeezable sides technology/feature, which they obviously took from HTC. Yet, when HTC (the originator of the tech) does it, it suddenly becomes "a gimmick," or "unnecessary," or in this case "too gutsy." They criticize the feature even though it adds so much functionality and use. I can't wait for Apple to steal the idea and put it on their next iPhone and watch the whole world go ape-poop crazy, hailing it as the best idea ever. :rolleyes: HTC is definitely ahead of its time, per the usual (i.e., two external speakers, dual cameras with portrait mode, etc.)!

  8. Saez Rosario

    I think people were not ready for this buttons tech is new we just got to get use to it if is made for durability,why not? I mean who doesnt want a phone thats going to last you longer specially for what you pay at retail price

  9. David Pick

    I would have liked to hear comments on how good or bad are the non-button power and volume keys worked for her in her short term review.Their have been allot of other reviews complaining about them.

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