HTC U12 Plus Review: No notch and no buttons?!?

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Hate the notch? HTC has your back. The HTC U12 Plus is the follow up to the much-loved U11 and U11 Plus, but it comes with a unique spin: it has no physical buttons. Relying on solid-state capacitive keys instead, the signature feature of the U12+ has divided the critics. Find out which side of the fence Lanh lands on in our HTC U12+ review.

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26 Replies to “HTC U12 Plus Review: No notch and no buttons?!?”

  1. Kwaku Israel

    I average 6 to 7 hours SOT IDK what your problem is. And htc never had dupli ate applications. How much did Samsung pay you for this lying bad review of this perfect phone?!! SMFH WOW!!

  2. Michael Ashe

    No notch, yay! Really bummed that this isn't sold in stores, I really want to try one out before purchasing. Incidentally, Android Authority, please talk about speakers/audio when reviewing phones. This phone is supposed to have some of the best speakers and audio recording on the market, thanks!

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